Intel GFX CI

Our CI system is composed of multiple Intel machines spanning as many generations and display types as possible.

Results per tree

The GFX CI systems are currently testing multiple trees:

Pre-merge testing

On top of testing different trees, our systems are also doing pre-merge testing of patch series sent by developers. This allows them to verify on a multitude of platforms that their changes strictly improve the state of Linux.

We perform pre-merge testing on the following mailing lists:

DRM-Tip idleruns

When the farm is not doing anything more pressing, it'll run one shard from full coverage testing on all the farm hosts. Kernels chosen for now is KASAN build of DRM-Tip and standard debug-build of DRM-Tip. Respective (LARGE) results are:


Bug trackers

Bugs caught by our system are being filed to the following bug trackers:

Known issues

Our system also includes a way to match bug reports to issues found in the different trees. This allows us to reduce the false positives in pre-merge testing by ignoring expected failures when giving the pass/reject result. Issues found in the patch series are however visible, and tagged with the link to the bug trackers.

Patchwork fast-feedback queues

A glance of yet to be tested patchsets can be seen at:


To give the most accurate view possible and be as transparent as possible, we provide different metrics, updated automatically, that are organised as a dashboard.

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